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FloodIt with AI

It is a variant of FloodIt.
You can now fight with AI.
Very fun!

Application Folder

Application Folder란? 안드로이드의 기본 폴더 지원이 너무 미약하여 바탕화면에 보다 차별화된 폴더 기능을 가미해 주는 애플리케이션입니다.  폴더에는 애플리케이션, 연락처, 북마크 등등이 들어 갈 수 있습니다.
(What is Application Folder? Folder from Android is far from fancy, so I implemented this application. With Application Folder, you can make another type of folders that are much more customizable. Application Folder can contain following types; 1) Applications, 2) Contacts, 3) Bookmarks)

지원 운영체제: Android 2.1 또는 이상
(Required OS: Android 2.1 or higher)

미리 보기 & 사용법
(Snapshots & Howto)

폴더 편집기(Folder editor)

Battery Widget

Another Android application.
Display battery information and estimation time in application mode, in widget mode, and in notification bar.
I plan to revise this as a live wallpaper, I will finish it until this month.

You can find it at Google market

WiFi Picker

qr_androlibDescription: Help to scan nearby hotspots and to connect one with GUI. Unlike an default WiFi configuration activity, this application shows various information about hotspots

Interface: single tap on hotspot for hotspot menu, long tap on empty area of wall for exposing underlying hotspots, fling on empty area of wall for rescanning, shaking for rescanning, [menu] key for settings.

Type: Application, 1 X 1 widget (Platform: Android 1.6 or higher, Language: English, Korean)

Screen shots:


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Revision of 3D FloodIt

chartimage  image image Looks better? Should be!