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  1. An efficient streaming technique according to variation of environments of contents streaming
    Application number: 2007-10-25/2007-0107668, Patent number: 2009-10-28/0925507
    Country: KR
  2. Method for forming IDR unit for trick play, and Trick play system and method using that
    Application number: 2007-10-04/2007-0099982, Patent number: 2009-08-20/0914318
    Country: KR
  3. Fractional caching method and adaptive contents transmitting method using the same
    Application number: 2006-09-28/2006-528905, Patent number: 2009-01-13/7478200
    Country: US
  4. The cluster based streaming system and method using multiple description coding
    Application number: 2006-04-21/2006-0036280, Patent number: 2008-01-28/0797389
    Country: KR
  5. Display Method in Small Terminal
    Application number: 2006-03-22/2006-0026254, Patent number: 2007-12-10/0786386
    Country: KR
  6. Multiple streaming service method and apparatus for thereof
    Application number: 2006-08-22/2006-0079492, Patent number: 2007-10-25/0772195
    Country: KR
  7. Fractional caching method and adaptive content transmission method using the same
    Application number: 2005-10-11/2005-0095554, Patent number: 2007-06-26/0734629
    Country: KR
  8. Intermediate data based video/audio streaming method
    Application number: 2000-05-18/2000-574703, Patent number: 2005-03-29/6873625
    Country: US
  9. Apparatus and method for streaming MPEG-1 data
    Application number: 2000-05-18/2000-575494, Patent number: 2004-08-17/6779041
    Country: US
  10. Apparatus and Method for streaming of MPEG-1 data
    Application number: 1999-05-21/1999-0018490, Patent number: 2002-09-03/0352981
    Country: KR
  11. Method for video/audio streaming based on intermediate data
    Application number: 1999-05-21/10-1999-0018489, Patent number: 2002-04-29/0336280
    Country: KR


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