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Battery Widget

Another Android application.
Display battery information and estimation time in application mode, in widget mode, and in notification bar.
I plan to revise this as a live wallpaper, I will finish it until this month.

You can find it at Google market


Steve said...

How do you keep the black screen from coming up everytime you unlock the phone?

The Round Peg said...

Android Market version: 1.18.0 (August 6, 2011)

Amazon Market version: 1.17.0 (July 23, 2011)

Are you going to update the Amazon version?

kokilein said...

Unfortunately, it shows only the htc sensation 0MHz.

rocketsan said...

The program is good, but would the author pay attention to 3.2" devices (Wildfire S)? Large amount of battery information does not fit on the screen. I think the number of information is displayed at main screen must specify in settings.
For example sections "battery usage", "usage in apps", "show live" is less actual versus "show history" on small displays and must be excluded from main screen (opt).

Where I can write about other bugs and improvements?

Andrew said...

Are you able to make the icon display on galaxy nexus?
Currently everything works on a nexus except the icon at the top of the screen. Which forces me to unlock my phone in order to see the battery level.

목사님 said...

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제가 베가레이서2 동생이 베가레이서를
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빠른 지원좀 부탁드리겠습니다.

Alex N. Pop said...

What is with all the updates on the pro version? In 2 days updated like 5 times..

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